A lot of photo refining software has been developed recently and a lot of people subscribe.  With the surge of the pictures, websites also have to be developed and blogs and websites are made, too.

When you’re into these things, then the Perfect Software to get you by is Xara Designer Pro, which is now out in its 10th version update. The software is readily competitive in the field of Photo editing and DTP, but that’s not all, it is a recommendable software for graphic and web design and allows you to incorporate illustrations in to your work.

Xara Designer Pro allows you to expand your creativity bubble by combining character illustrations with your photo work; apart from photo editing, you can also create and design web pages and graphic posters as info media or as a print material. The possibilities are endless, now with the release of the 10th update, the following things are added to the seamless software:

  • A highlight and shadow bar

o   It allows selecting and isolating the area you want to adjust without affecting the entire picture

  • Auto rotate on rendering photos

o   An automatic rotate mechanism when you are importing photos so, your work doesn’t come out upside down

  • Developed panorama tools

o   Your workload is now easier as you don’t need to arrange your photos from left to right to make panorama pictures; the software automatically does that for you. Alignment was improved, and you can now correct error in the photography with the lens distortion correction.

  • Switch between 64 and 32 bit

o   The Xara Designer Pro in 64 bit can support and open 32 bit Photoshop files and their effects installed on the file.

  • Photolooks

o   Photolooks is a renowned plugin that allows you to get a more personalized color for your picture through the toolbar or to use the installation and array of effects and filters that come with the plugin. let us tell you why you should opt for this: it is originally sold for $199, and this now comes with every pack of Xara Designer Pro 10. So that’s you saving money.

  • Enhance selected colors

o   Allows you to select a specific color in your photo and to adjust this single color’s brightness, contrast, shadows and all aspects you need to adjust independently.

That’s just for the photo editing; we have not yet come to the part about the innovations made about the software and graphic design tools. With this list alone, your purchase is worth your money, and it comes with more perks that you may enjoy using. What are you waiting for? Use Xara Designer Pro 10 and experience its benefits.

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box_pld10If you are into making layouts and website pages for a living or simply just for the fun doing it, then the Xara Page and Layout Designer 10 which is out on the market and with a much better interface and several upgrades added is for you!

This is a one of a kind publisher that is considered to be high end professional software meant for industrial use or for those who do graphic and web designing as a living. It is career level software that allows its users to enjoy advanced designing options at an affordable market price.

What’s New with Xara Page and Layout Designer 10?

Since the release of version 9, Xara has upgraded its program to address previous restraints. The current version now has better content catalog for more selections and more stylish templates. It now has an upgraded version of SmartShapes for better editing, and to go with the demand of it, a wider array of symbols and letters, which are also remarkable, is the addition of the insert menu for easier page formatting.

What does this product have that others don’t?

  • It has a very friendly user interface that even novice users can utilize and understand as opposed to other products that are at this level of professional software that require prior knowledge about similar software designs.
  • The product also boasts its high end graphic design tools that employ full featured editors that produce impressive work, from photo editing to 3-D graphic creations that surely make your work truly pleasing to the eyes.

What are its characters and how good are they?

  • Typography

The product is filled with text handling features that suit your taste or your style. Also, one can avoid test and overseen errors with basic word programs that facilitate smooth input of words; this word support includes the spell-check and word formatting materials, too.

  • Projects and Layout

This software comes with a lot of starting selections of templates that could work well with your style. Their wide range of designs that you can personalize can make your work stand out. Edit and start from scratch, the beauty of Xara Page and Layout Designer is that it helps you with that and more.


So, if you’re looking for high-performing software that won’t empty your pockets, then the Xara Page and Layout Designer 10 is just right for you! Be able to use hundreds upon hundreds of available templates or, use your creativity and start from scratch.

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We’re pleased to introduce the Xara Page & Layout Designer 9.0, a part of the brand’s highly successful range of creative products and works as a general document processor for creating PDF and printed documents.

It is a compact tool that works as a graphic design, word processor and photo editing software for creating various marketing documents and materials, including reports, flyers, posters and company stationeries. It’s for you if you want to take advantage of those functions and do not have the money to hire freelance employees.

What’s NEW with Xara Page & Layout Designer 9.0?

  1. Comprehensive text creation and management tools, including text styles, multi-column
  2. Lightning fast photo editing function
  3. Supports PDF/X and PDF
  4. 72,000 DPI working resolution
  5. Multi language spell checkers
  6. Multitude of export and import types support
  7. Complete vector drawing tools
  8. Google fonts integration of more than 600 styles to choose (You can use the advanced font picker for install or download)

As part of the Xara family, the Xara Page & Layout Designer 9.0 keeps up with the brand’s commitment to quality with its all-important features to make your life and work easier and your job faster!

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Xara Designer Pro X9 is your go to software if you are looking for the best results in any of your graphic design task that commonly requires different programs—namely advanced page layout, photo editing, illustration and website graphics. It is not an issue when you select the Xara Designer Pro X9 that combines the functions of graphics, photo, website design and page layout tools in one compact software package.

What’s best about it is that it comes with smaller hardware requirements, faster performance, smaller memory footprint and zero-program switching needed.

Best Features of the Xara Designer Pro X9

  • Packed with the full functionality of all the creative tools from Xara
  • Includes  PDF and unique DTP for website doc publishing
  • Has the Google font integration of more than 600 types for PDFs, printing and websites
  • Works great for photo editing and vector illustration
  • Allows quick website prototyping and creation
  • Comes with the layout and page designer for all printed documents
  • The list continues….

You will never go wrong again by using the latest Xara Designer Pro X9,  a guarantee from this high performing and results driven graphics software that works as fast as you are for coming up with more realistic graphics in no time.

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Users can now become even more excited with the latest Xara Web Designer 10 Premium with full packed features and functions for making super websites!

To those who are yet to know, Xara is one of the most successful programming-and-glitch-free website designing tools on the market for everyone, as in ideal even for the zero-level and novices in web design.

Xara Web Designer 10 Premium boasts the latest technique in publishing they call the Xara Supersites as well as other features, including support for the responsive website design for creating different layouts of the same website page optimized by its owner for versions, adapting to computers, tablets and mobile devices.

Let’s dig deeper into it along with other excellent new features of the Xara Web Designer 10 Premium.

NEW with the Xara Web Designer 10 Premium

  • Supersites

An alternative way to publish a single website, this feature allows you to make several versions of your sites so that it can be optimized for different devices as mentioned previously. Now you can also work on setting any website page to fit to screen smoothly without any glitches.

  • Responsive website design support

The latest Xara Web Designer 10 Premium allows you to create websites tailored for different visitors because they can now view your site whatever device they are using and have the opportunity to select the design they want for any of it.

  • Smartshapes

A feature allowing just about anyone to include attractive shapes into their document, Smartshapes lets you bring out your imagination because you can also customize these shapes, including the arrows and bubbles.

Is The Xara Web Designer 10 Premium Is For You?

  • Startup business owners who don’t have that budget to hire expensive website designers
  • Individuals looking to design their website without any fuss but in an assisted manner for faster results
  • Users targeting to build well optimized websites to suit varied types of visitors across a multitude of devices
  • People with zero programming and technical skills but want to come up with a personal blog page, website page or sales page, or any other types of web pages

Grab the Xara Web Designer 10 Premium today!

Xara NEW Software List

brush5Today’s article features the latest Xara software yet published here, so check out below to see some products we might have missed. Ready? Let’s begin.

Xara Designer Pro X 9.0

Known the world’s fastest graphics tools, Xara Designer Pro X 9.0 offers better illustration and revolutionary photo handling tools others on the market cannot give us. A few great to mention features include,

  • Photo Magic Erase Tool for easier and faster erasing of any unnecessary portions of your images
  • Enhancements of design and function featuring Live copies or Live Clone, new paste function, composite object editing, page management, tabbed document windows, cut/copy/paste whole page documents, enhanced graphics anchoring
  • Selected objects easy alignment
  • New templates
  • Can export animation documents
  • Instant viewing/docking using fly out galleries
  • Enhanced animated effects
  • Sitemap support
  • Magic Snap for aligning objects

Xara Photo Graphic Designer 9.0

  • Non-destructive photo handling/editing
  • Photo panoramas
  • Intelligent scaling
  • Magic photo erase function
  • Bitmap tracer
  • Enhanced photo tool

Page and Layout Designer 9.0

  • A great tool for document creation needs with its page and text layout features
  • Innovative text handling
  • Publishing web documents
  • Magic Snap included
  • Professional PDF workflow
  • Layer and page gallery, flowing text, fonts, spell check, text style, 3D
  • Great page layout
  • Comes with the well recognized photo editing tool from Xara
  • Drag and drop editing for easy page layout designing
  • Includes royalty-free templates
  • The list continues…

Xara3D Upgrade 7.0

  • For creating professional quality 3D graphics with zero technical skills needed
  • New designs (boards, borders, boards with holes)
  • Total animation export control
  • Better, interactive tools
  • Modern look

Xara 3D Maker 7.0

  • For creating outstanding graphics for websites and anywhere online
  • Very simple interface, with out without technical skills welcome to use it
  • Ideal for GIFs or AVIs, among others

Xara Web Designer 10.0/ Xara Web Designer Upgrade 10.0

  • Smart shapes included
  • Password safety when using MAGIX Online World
  • Content catalog
  • New top level insert menu
  • Quick shape function
  • 4 new  widgets

Xara Menu Maker 1.1

  • Quick and easy solution yet clean and simple user interface that accommodates even grandmothers
  • Automatically optimized graphics for the web
  • Easy integration with FrontPage or Dreamweaver
  • Instant creation of dynamic menus with only a few clicks
  • Automatic HTML and JavaScript creation
  • Fully customizable NavBar Templates
  • Works better than Flash graphics

Do you want to see the complete list of Xara products? Click HERE.

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Hello Friends! The Xara Designer Pro X 8.0 is out now. It is a top-selling graphic design product which comes with all the tools and features you need. It comes with those features you can find in Photo & Graphic Designer X 8 and Web Designer X 8 Premium. But, that isn’t all. If you’re a professional designer, you would surely become excited of the PANTONE, PDF/X, multi-core processor, color separations, and other much more helpful tools you need that come with this release.

Xara Designer Pro X 8.0 Is the Best and Fastest Graphics Design Software

It comes will full and versatile illustration features and tools. It comes with innovative photo handling. You can depend on this single application for all your creative designs work. It comes in two versions which are the Designer Pro and the Photo & Graphic Designer.

What’s New With Xara Designer Pro X 8.0?

  • Photo Magic Erase Tool which allows you to erase any unwanted objects in your photos.
  • Live Copies. You can make now make live copies on several pages. On top of that fact, everything will be edited when you edit one. However, you can still make transformations you need such as rotate, skew, or scale one-by-one.
  • Design and Usability Enhancements
  • Edit composite objects or inside groups.
  • Enhanced page management options. There is now the default page and layer gallery which you can use to locate and access pages easily. This is absolutely time-saving that you will surely love.
  • Non-axis aligned snapping
  • Switchable documents through the documents tab
  • Cut, copy, or paste entire pages
  • Comes with the new magic magnetic object snapping
  • Has flexible docking and instant viewing fly-out galleries options
  • Ability to export animation as AVI files
  • Allows you to align objects
  • New widgets
  • Transition effects
  • Previewable page on website browsers such as Mozilla, Opera, and others.
  • Presentations on websites. You can make slide shows for presentations in your website
  • And so much more…..

Discover more ways on how to use the Xara Designer Pro X 8.0. Maximize your use of the most advanced and sophisticated graphics design software that comes with all the tools and features you need.

Buy Xara Designer Pro X 8.0 today!

Until Next Time,

Peter–Your Xara Guide 🙂

Xara Designer Pro 7.0

Xara Designer Pro 7 is a powerful and easy to use graphics and document creation tool, able to produce everything from top quality web graphics and websites to highly detailed illustrations and multi-page documents for print and PDF output.

If your task includes drawing then this is a great tool for everything from simple logos to cartoons and astonishingly detailed illustrations. And since Designer Pro is equally at home with drawing, photos and text it is the perfect solution for design work from cards and invitations to posters, adverts and multi-page brochures.


In addition to all of the features found in Xara Photo & Graphic Designer, Designer Pro’s features are:

  • Simple and intuitive page layout and Web design utilities
  • Powerful illustration and photo editing tools that should have Adobe running scared
  • Offers a few features for the power user; you can place “live copies” of any kind of object in a document (text, images, graphics) which automatically update when one is edited; configure shortcut keys to your own preferences; and have the ability to stitch together and edit any number of images into a flat panorama or web-based 360 degree panorama.
  • Xara Designer Pro also imports HD Photo format (Windows Media Photo), whereas Photo & Graphic Designer does not.

The Designer Pro version of the software also adds support for multi-core processors, giving Designer Pro 7 the potential for extremely high-performing and speedy graphics rendering. For those who live in the print world, Designer Pro 7 allows you to preview CMYK separations and spot color plates, emulsion position, and other advanced settings; plus gives you PANTONE® color, PDF/X, and XPS support.

For more info about Designer Pro, check here!

On Xara Guide you get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Xara Software.

Xara Menu Maker 1.1

Xara Menu Maker enables you to create professional menus and stylish navigation bars – and there’s no artistic or technical skill required! Menu Maker makes it so easy to add your NavBars to your web page – even your granny could do it.

Menu Maker incorporates the world’s most advanced vector rendering engine and its unique ‘smart button scaling’ technology which allows graphical buttons to accommodate any length text without distortion. All graphics are super-optimized to create the smallest file and the menu DHTML is the industry’s most compact to ensure fast loading websites.

This provides tight control of the size of the finished menu. It shows the current width and height and a slider can make instant changes to the size of the overall menu. Resized text is initially jagged before being rendered smooth by the software. The width of the buttons can also be adjusted.

Key Features:

Quick and easy solution

– Do not worry about UI bloat for it is a dedicated tool for creating NavBars and menus
– Graphics are automatically optimized for the web to keep file sizes small
– Creates dynamic NavBars and menus in just a few clicks

Professionally-designed fully-customizable NavBar templates

– Change color, texture, font, text, background and size with absolutely no loss of quality due to Xara’s world beating vector graphic engine
– Choose from vertical or horizontal NavBar designs
– Customize in real-time so you can view changes instantly

Create hierarchical DHTML menus

– Vertical or horizontal pop-out menus
– Uniquely compact menu code produces small file sizes

Great value for money

– The cheapest professional solution around for NavBars & Menus
– NavBars & menus can be created for multiple sites with no extra payment.

What’s New in This Release:

· Extended browser compatibility – In addition to IE 5 and NN6 , Menu Maker 1.1 now supports: Opera 7 , Mozilla
· Updated FrontPage Add – in and Dreamweaver Extension – The Menu Maker integration has been updated to support the latest releases from Microsoft and Macromedia. Menu Maker 1.1 now supports: FrontPage 2000, 2002 and 2003, Dreamweaver 3, 4, MX, MX 2004 and Ultradev
· New Templates – 23 new NavBar designs in up to 4 variations each, most with both horizontal and vertical designs, making 55 new NavBar templates in total, increasing your choice by more than 20%. See the previews on our site, or download the new Menu Maker 1.1 trial.
· Minor Enhancements – Various minor enhancements and fixes in response to user feedback and requests.

Xara Menu Maker 1.1 is simple to use and its output is compact, so its menus are not a drain on bandwidth. Users will no longer find it a chore to create and edit website navigation bars.

So why do it in hours, if you can do it in seconds!

On Xara Guide you get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Xara Software.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer 7 is a comprehensive photo editing, web graphics-creating, drawing, graphics design and deskop publishing tool. No need to keep a library of apps for your various graphics needs – Xara Photo & Graphic Designer can handle them all.

This package sets a new standard in image design with its unique combination of universal image editing, professional graphics and layout functions, intelligent portrait optimization, and foolproof slideshow creation features.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer advantages:

  • Optimize, edit & design photos
  • Illustrate, draw & paint
  • 3D design tool (e.g. for logos)
  • Create multi-page documents, incl. text layout (e.g. brochures)
  • Complete PDF workflow (import, creation, output)
  • Create animations
  • More than 3,000 professional design templates

Productivity and Interface:

  • Speed – The fastest graphics software to be found with highest performance vendor rendering engine.
  • Direct Action Tools – Allows you to create effects such as transparency, shadows, bevels or gradient fills in an interactive, fast and intuitive way.
  • Drag and Drop – Enables you to use the drag and drop principle, which is the most intuitive way of working and a great time saver.
  • Zoom – Allows magnification up to 25,000%, perfect for detailed work.
  • Anti-Aliasing – Brings maximum screen quality and a pioneer with the fastest, highest quality anti-aliasing available in any drawing program.

Xara Photo & Graphic Designer software is a comprehensive graphics application that comes packed with useful functionality. Interface issues mean it may take a while to find your way around, but there’s plenty of help and you’ll soon feel at home.

On Xara Guide you get tips and tricks on how to get the most out of your Xara Software.